Girly SquaresGirly Squares

These pictures are the original pictures from the first website I had.  Because I gave some items as gifts or no longer have some items or for other reasons are not able to redo the pictures with my new website’s name.  Please excuse these pictures and the wrong website name; thank you!


I wanted to make plain old granny squares more girly.  I was making them to go to a friend who was making a large afghan for someone.

So I came up with these ideas....

The pink one...For the first row of granny square, I used worsted weight yarn and 1 strand of Fun Fur.  Then I fasten off the yarn.  Then I flipped it over and continued with the granny square.  So the center was all fluffy with Hot Pink Fun Fur.

The purple one....I did up the granny square and then went back and sewed Pink Boa yarn to the center.  It just gave the center a little poof.

Just a few ideas on how to make your squares more girly.

No copyright....just a granny square with a few ideas.

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