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These pictures are the original pictures from the first website I had.  Because I gave some items as gifts or no longer have some items or for other reasons are not able to redo the pictures with my new website’s name.  Please excuse these pictures and the wrong website name; thank you!


Materials Used scrap yarn or fun fur
Hook Size Star Punch: F hook, Round Punch: G hook,
Oval Punch: H hook, Diamond Punch: H hook, Heart Punch: F hook


The idea for these gift tags has been around for many generations.  My grandmothers and my mother passed it down to me.  I would guess the idea originated from the Depression Era.  My grandmother still saves wrapping paper to this day.  The Depression was a hard time and people did all they could to recycle or reuse items.

I've modernized the idea.  I use templates to cut out circles, ovals, stars, squares, bell shapes, hearts and anything else I thought was cute out of used Christmas cards.  Then I use hole punches to punch out around the card shape.  I use hearts, stars, round, oval and diamond shaped punches to do this. 

I've used all kinds of yarn.  My grandmothers used to use thread, plastic canvas yarn, baby yarn or any other scrap they had. 

In the picture, I have used Chenille Sensations, Fun Fur, regular worsted weight 4 ply acrylic yarn, and holiday sparkle yarns.  There is no limit to what you could use.  You could use twine to make it old-fashioned could use ribbon to make it Victorian.  The sky is the limit.  Use your imagination.

Hooks: Different punches sometimes changes your hook.  Here is what I used:

Star Punch: F hook  Round Punch: G hook 

Oval Punch: H hook   Diamond Punch: H hook  Heart Punch: F hook

Make a slip knot.  Stick hook in the hole with the card face up to you.  Pull yarn through the hole and sl st. Sc in the same hole. 2 sc in each hole around.  Sl st tog.

Loops: You can tie off a section that will go under the bow.  Or you can make a chained loop.  I used ch 14, sl st to first ch.  I've done it either way and it looks fine both ways.  It's really not seen as it goes under the bow when you tape the card to the package.

Note: on square shaped cards, do ch 3 in the corners to make the corner go smoother.

Note about Fun Fur: Turn the card around as you crochet around it.  It allows the fluffiest part to be on the face up side.

You can do more than row if you wanted to.  Instead of fastening off, you could chain 6 and sc in each hole.  Repeat that around the card then make your loop and fasten off.

I will not copyright this as it has been around many, many years.  It's not mine to copyright.  I thank my grandmothers and my mother for passing on the crochet craft to me and allowing me to help pass on the old ideas to the younger people.



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