Minion (Inspired) Coffee Cozy Minion (Inspired) Coffee Cozy


Materials Used  blue, yellow, gray, white, black scrap yarn, button
Hook Size  H
Measurements  3" tall by 9 1/2" around

Row 1: blue: Ch 30, hdc in 3rd ch from hook, hdc across, ch 2 turn. (29hdc)

Row 2: blue: Hdc across, ch 2 turn. 

Row 3: attach yellow yarn, hdc across, ch 2 turn.

Row 4: yellow yarn still, hdc across, ch 2 turn.

Row 5: attach black yarn, hdc across, ch 2 turn.

Row 6: change to yellow yarn: hdc across, ch 2 turn.

Row 7 yellow yarn still, hdc across. 

Using the tails of the colored yarn, I sewed up the sides. I matched the colors so that I had the matching colors. Basically so that I didn't have to sew the wrong colors together. Then I fastened off yarn and weaved in the ends.


White yarn: Ch 4, sl st tog. Ch 3, 11dc in ring, sl st tog. (12 dc)

Change to gray yarn, ch 1, sc, Repeat this around to make the outer iris color. Sl st tog.

Leave a tail to sew on button and also to sew eye onto the black of the cozy like shown in the picture. Weave in the rest of ends.

Disclaimer: Minion Inspired... no copyright infringement intended.

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© October 21, 2015 Christina Budd

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