Armchair PocketArmchair Pocket

These pictures are the original pictures from the first website I had.  Because I gave some items as gifts or no longer have some items or for other reasons are not able to redo the pictures with my new website’s name.  Please excuse these pictures and the wrong website name; thank you!

Materials Used worsted weight  2 skeins 1 of each color
Hook Size  "I" hook
Measurements  didn't measure it, sorry
Notes 2 strands held at same time while crocheting

Round 1: Ch 20, 4 hdc in 3rd ch from hook. 16 Hdc, then do 7 hdc in next st, 16 Hdc down the other side. 3hdc in next st, slip st tog to the second hdc and ch 2.

Round 2: Hdc in same st, hdc in every st around, slip st tog to the 2nd hdc (this pulls it together and doesn't leave a hole when joining) and ch 2.

Round 3-10: Repeat Round 2.

Round 11: End of Rouch 10 only ch 1 and then sc around. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Attach yarn to one corner of the back, 24 dc across, ch 3 , turn and repeat 24 dc across. Repeat for 11 rows. Fasten off and weave in ends.

I used a chain about 50 chs long to attach scissors to and also tie other end to pocket.

Blue One:
This is Hubby's remote control pocket. It's just like my scissor pocket, except I made the part that goes over the chair smaller.


© February 4, 2006 Christina Budd

This is my written pattern; please use it for personal use only. You may make the item and sell them, but pattern remains property of Christina Budd. And if you sell the finished product, please link back to and give credit to this the original pattern.



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