These are teacher gifts for special teachers that my daughter mentors with after school. I used cylinder vases and a candlestick on one of them. One the second one is an upsidedown martini glass and the same kind of vase. I used my favorite glue E-6000 for this project. I let it sit for a couple of days before doing anything else. (Usually you can work with it in 24 hours though) On the bottom of the vase is basket filler. In the pink one is crinkle kind and in the blue one is the sparkle silver one as I didn't have a blue. Then I have a homemade bar of herbal soap that I made. The next layer is a fuzzy warm socks rolled up. Then I put a bath puff. Both have the same ideas in them just different colors. My daughter picked the vinyl sayings and colors and she did the vinyl on the Cricut for these.

Notes: Why did I use a Martini glass? I've seen where you can put items in them and decorate with them, so it's a great item to decorate with and reuse. 

Why did I not use bath salts? So many people don't take baths anymore and when my daughter and I have done bath salts before with her friends...they have a limited life span and hard to package up. So I wanted to try something different.

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