This is a project I made for my sons when they moved into their apartment together.

It's an old tile piece from the Habitat ReStore. I purchased it there. Great cause too.

I added the vinyl "notes" at the top from my Cricut. I purchased the Boba Fett decal from a shop off Etsy as I'm not able to those kind of decals. Then I also added a pen holder from Walmart and a dry erase marker. 

To make the tile tip up, I added to round wooded knobs on the bottom. I also painted them an off white so they wouldn't stand out as being unfinished. Then used E-6000 to glue them to the tile. This got the tile to tip up off the kitchen counter.

One tip when buy tile piece for these kind of projects: make sure your tile has a glaze on the ceramic. You need that kind of finish to be able to dry erase and wipe off. The other finishes of tile don't work. 

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