• I used 2 Bandanas from Walmart. I sewed them together with lining fabric. It came togther very easily.

    The straps were from pieces from squaring it. My daughter used this many times for Trick-a-Treating.

    Bandana Bag


  • These are repurposed jeans projects for my daughter. I cut off the jeans and then sewed Dr. Who fabric from JoAnns to the bottom of one for a skirt. The other one I made into a bag. For the handles, I used an old belt and handles from JoAnns. It was a fun project. You can use so many different kinds of jeans and make whatever style works for you or your family member. For the bag, I turned it sideways. I really wanted to show off the design of the jean. The jeans had these cool pockets with zippers. 

    Dr. Who repurposed jean skirt Dr. Who repurposed jean skirt





  • I used 2 pillowcases to make this bag. This bag was a lot of fun to make and very different than others.

    I made it stronger by putting one inside the other and fold it over. I used old belt pieces to make the handles. 

    I use this for a grocery bag at stores.

    Pillowcase Grocery BagPillowcase Grocery Bag



  • I've taken shorts and skirts and made them into bags. The purple one has straps made out of the purple denim. The blue denim has old belts sewn in.

    Here's a couple:

    Denim Jean BagDenim Jean Bag



  • I took my sons old Star Wars tshirts and made these bag. I cut off the sleeves and sewed up the bottom. 

    T-shirt repurposed bag

  • I used these old Star Wars shirts of my sons to make pillows. Just cut squares and sewed and put pillow forms in them. 

    Tshirt repurposed pillows

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